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The Pageant of the Golden Tree (Bruges)

1 September 2017 | Translation for the Royal Belgian Draft Horse Association

Original text (Dutch): Ann Muys

On Saturday 19 August and Sunday 20 August, the Pageant of the Golden Tree moved through the streets of Bruges. Once every 5 years this event re-enacts glorious episodes in Belgian history in a truly enchanting way. At the pageant, some of the most important historical chapters of our past are depicted with in a most original way.

53 groups of 17.000 actors, dressed in magnificent costumes and accompanied by beautiful music, dance and choreography, lifted the event to the greatest heights. The procession contained 16 floats, most of which were pulled by Belgian Draft Horses.

The Pageant consisted out of two sections. The first part, themed ‘The Prime of Flanders’ brought the most important moments in Flemish history to life. An interesting variety in historical events, myths and legends relating to Flanders and Bruges were re-enacted.

The second chapter ‘The Wedding of the Century’ focused on the wedding of Charles the Bold and Margaret of York. For ten long days, the marriage was exuberantly celebrated in Bruges with abundant banquets, jousts and knightly tournaments depicting the theme of the Golden Tree.

Picture: Michiel Dumon

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